Frequently asked questions & answers

If a product is out of stock online, is it still available?

If an item is out of stock online we will be happy to source it from our retail stores for you.
Please submit your request for an out of stock item here.
We will get back to you with product availability and an estimated time it will be available to be ordered online.

Why can’t you courier tracks or rods over 2.4 metres?

We cannot send items over 2.4 metres due to courier restrictions.
If you require a track or rod longer than this we would recommend our Extendable Range.
Alternatively you could join 2x Urbane Tracks together using a Track Joiner.

Can I create a double track? What products will I require?

Please follow our simple How to Double Track instructions.

What is the difference between your Triple-Weave Attachable Linings and Blockout Attachable Linings?

Triple-Weave Attachable Linings/Lining Curtains provide additional insulation, are room dim-out and can be machine washed.
Blockout Attachable Linings/Lining Curtains blockout the most light and also provide additional insulation benefits. They cannot be machine washed. They are ideal for bedrooms, TV and computer rooms where darkness is required.

Can your readymade curtains and roller blinds be altered and/or installed?

Yes, we provide a readymade alteration service and installation service that is available in-store.
If you require further information on this please submit your request here.
Please provide your name, email address, postal address, contact number and details of what you require.

Are your readymade curtains patterned matched?

Our patterned readymade curtains are not pattern matched at the join. They are window matched so that the pattern will align at the top of each curtain pair when they are drawn together for a uniform look.

Are your readymade curtains colour batched?

Our readymade curtains are not colour batched, please contact us if you would like to reorder from a specific batch code and we will do our best to assist you.

Are your readymade curtains sizes accurate?

Our readymade curtains are factory produced therefore there can be a slight variation in size.