How to hang your curtains

We recommend ironing your curtains on the design side, before hanging, to remove any creases from folding. Always use the heat setting recommended on the care instruction label.

Pencil Pleat Curtains


Tie the cords at both ends of the tape BEFORE GATHERING to prevent pull-through when gathering. Pull the cords from the side of the curtain to the required fullness, spacing out gathers evenly.  Tie again, but do not cut the cords to allow for cleaning


Insert curtain hooks at approximately every 5th pocket.  The pockets allow you to adjust the height of your curtains. 

HINT: If you choose to gather the curtain less you will need to increase the number of curtain hooks used. Otherwise the curtains will “sag” on the track when closed.

Eyelet Curtains 


1 Start threading the eyelets onto the rod, making sure the end you start with has the curtain edge pointing back towards the window/wall, otherwise you will see the backing of the curtain from in the room.
2 The last eyelet of each end needs to cover the wall bracket and finish before the finial or end of the rod. 


Eyelets are made with an even number of eyelets to ensure both ends can point back towards the wall for a neat finish.