Blockout Curtains

12 Oct 2020 By CurtainStudio

Blockout curtains do just what their name suggests, they block out the light and are the ideal option for achieving optimum light control in a room. The blockout lining is created by applying multiple coats of flocked-acrylic coating to the reverse side of the fabric. This thick layer helps to prevent light from coming through the curtains. Blockout curtains have a 3-pass coated backing, making it harder for light to filter through.

Are Blockout curtains the right choice for me?

Blockout curtains are the ideal choice for bedrooms, TV rooms, or anywhere you might not want light filtering through. The thick acrylic coating provides excellent light blocking while also providing thermal insulation, meaning the heat stays in during the winter months and the heat stays out in the summer months. Who doesn’t want to lower their heating costs in the winter and cooling costs in the summer?!

What are the benefits of Blockout curtains?

  • Block out the sunlight – meaning you can sleep in even longer.
  • No sunlight glare on your TV.
  • Added insulation – lower heating and cooling costs.
  • Versatile: Our array of neutrals pairs perfectly with any décor. For added day time privacy, double track and pair a sheer with your blockout curtains for maximum functionality.
  • Readymade and custom: We have great options of blockouts in both readymade and custom fabrics.
  • Linings: We have a blockout attachable lining available, so if you don’t want to change your current curtains you don’t have to. Our blockout attachable linings simply hook onto the back of your curtains.

What are the differences between Blockout and Thermal curtains?

Blockout curtains block out more light and are better heat insulators. This is due to them having a 3-pass coated backing, making it harder for light to filter through. Thermal curtains have a 1-pass coated backing.  Thermal curtains are light dampening. 

Can you wash Blockout curtains?

Blockout curtains should be hand washed in cold water, taking care not the allow the coating to stick together. You should never rub or wring out the curtains as this might damage the lining.  Drip dry the curtains in the shade and avoid touching the backing when wet. Hang the curtains with hooks and do not use pegs.  Thermal curtains cannot be bleached or dry-cleaned. Press with a cool iron on the fabric side only.

Do Blockout curtains keep rooms cool?

Blockout curtains aren’t just effective in the Winter, they can also benefit your home just as much in Summer. Blockout curtains can keep the cool air inside during the warmer months, so not only do they look great, but also act as insulation.

What rooms do you recommend installing Blockout curtains?

Blockout curtains are also great at blocking out sunlight, helping you sleep in that little bit extra, or keeping a harsh glare off your television. Blockout curtains can help to dampen outside sounds, keeping your home quieter, making blockout curtains an ideal choice for bedrooms.

Why is it important to insulate your windows with Blockout curtains?

Did you know that your home can lose up to 45% of its heat through the windows? This proves that it is important to make a considered purchase when choosing the right window coverings for your home.  The right window coverings can save two-thirds of the heat lost through your windows.

Like the sound of blockouts but don’t want curtains? We also have blockout roller blinds available in both readymade and custom-made options. Have a chat with one of our expert design consultants today!

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