How to Incorporate Colour Into Your Home With Window Furnishings

12 Mar 2021 By CurtainStudio

Colour is known to be a contributor to creating and enhancing a mood. The use of colour in your space, even down to window furnishings can play a huge role in the feelings a room emotes.

Covid-19 has impacted our lives in many ways. This year, the colour experts agree that we are drawn to calm colours that are inspired by nature. Due to Covid-19 and global lockdowns, we have a desire to feel calm and safe and bringing elements of nature indoors. 

How do I choose my room colours?

A good place to start is asking yourself what type of space you want to create. Do you want it to be a warm and inviting, cosy space, a bright and cheerful space or maybe a fun and playful space?

Next ask yourself what colours you like and are drawn to, then from this, the decision will be much easier. Ask yourself how these colours make you feel and if that is in line with what type of space you are trying to create.

Don’t be afraid to play with colour. When people think of fun interior design elements, window furnishings seldom come to mind, however there are a have a huge range of fabrics and readymade options available which will add a flair and colour to any space. There are so many option and styles to choose from that will elevate your space and help to create whatever style you want to achieve.

How do I choose my curtain or blind colours?

Usually a space has either a warm or cool colour pallet. Look at the shade of wall colour, furniture and décor within the space and identify if they are warm or cool tones. This will help you choose between cooler greys and blues or warmer tones of cream, taupe and blush.

Top tip: Dark curtains against dark toned walls will make the room seem smaller and closed in. Try to balance the light and dark, so if you are opting for dark coloured curtains, make sure you keep the walls light e.g. off white, light grey, cream.

Neutrals, off-whites, camel tones can be paired with any soft toned or pastel styles. A great option here is to opt for a Roller or Roman Blind, where you can include these soft tones while still keeping the feel of the room minimalist.

Natural Floral fabrics, wooden venetians and patterns with pops of colour. Works great with both curtains and Roman blinds and will help to create a contemporary look while still keeping things soft and feminine. 

" Painterly florals conjure visions of country gardens and carefree seaside getaways"

Wooden tones and elements help to provide a natural warmth to a space and pair really well with other earthy colours and elements, such as greenery and pottery.

Dark coloured and black curtain or roller blinds can create a vintage feel in your space and is a simple way to bring in dark colours.

Velvet drapes and cushions in dark tones are perfect for a vintage themed space. These colours are best paired with a white or light wall. Our Franklin Granite and Cove Bark are our most popular black readymade curtains or elevate the look even more by opting for Custom.

 What are the latest colour trends?

According to the Resene, "More than ever, there is a desire for soothing and calming spaces in our homes, but we also need spaces that are stimulating to spend time in – much more time, perhaps, than we might be used to.”

To view Resene’s latest colour trends, click here

Source:  Cool and Calming – one of 2021 colour trends from Resene

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