Kids' Rooms

6 Oct 2020 By CurtainStudio

When choosing curtains or blinds for kids' rooms, there are a number of factors to take into account such as thermal properties, light filtering abilities, style and last but not least FUN!

There is no need to sacrifice style and fun for practicality. We have a range of window furnishing options that combine both and will suit any style or function requirements for your little one’s rooms. Whether you’re after Sonoma Blinds, Thermals, Blockout, double track or simply something just really stylish and playful, we have something for you.

Freckles - Our custom Freckles range features gorgeous and playful fabrics to liven up any room. This range is designed specifically with little rooms in mind. A roller blind can be a great and safe option for kids' rooms, as there is no chance of them being stood on or accidentally pulled down. Our cord drawn custom roller blinds can also be made with automisation to minimise cords.

What window furnishings have the best insulation for kids rooms?

 Honeycomb blinds are light filtering and they provide excellent insulation (According to, when tested with other types of blinds, Cellular blinds were found to retain 63% of heat. 

The next best insulator was Roman blinds which only retained 28% of heat.) These blinds are super durable and are a great choice for kids' bedrooms as they're compact and super practical.... plus, they can be made blockout for light sleepers.

Which curtains are best for keeping the room dark?

Blockout curtains help to keep the light out, making it easier for your little ones to sleep in longer. We have these available in both readymade and custom, with fabrics to suit any room. Block out curtains are also excellent heat insulator

Block out blinds can be used with a Double Track. A double track is a great option for ensuring privacy all day long for kid’s bedrooms. Pair a sheer curtain with a blockout curtain for ultimate light control.  

What other options assist with climate control?

We have a range of great thermal curtains in both custom and readymade to keep the heat in during the winter and the heat out during the summer, meaning you can keep your little one’s room at just the right temperature all year long.

I am looking for something durable and has a luxurious drape, what do you recommend?

Our Triple Weave Curtains come with a thick backing of dim-out fibres woven directly into the reverse side of the fabric providing ample room-darkening without a total block-out. These curtains are UV resistant, mould-resistant, fire-retardant and MACHINE WASHABLE! Heavyweight yet soft, these curtains drape beautifully.

Have some fun with prints and patterns, while still making sure your little one’s window furnishings provide the thermal and light filtering properties they need. Get in touch with one of our expert design consultants today!

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