Sheer Curtains

15 Nov 2021 By CurtainStudio

What are sheer curtains?
Sheer curtains, also knows as sheers, are made from a lightweight fabric that allows natural light to gently diffuse through them. The result is a delicate light filter and soft ambience in any room. They can be hung on their own, with an attachable lining or on a double track with a lined curtain.

What is the purpose of sheers?
Sheer curtains add a layer of daytime privacy without sacrificing natural lighting, making them a great option for apartments or rooms that face neighbours. Paired with a lined curtain, they offer plenty of insulation and complete privacy at night. Many people enjoy sheers because of their breezy, relaxed nature that adds effortless style to any space.

What is double tracking?
If you want sheer curtains in your bedroom, living room or space that is well-lived in at night, we suggest double tracking. This is where you have two tracks/rods, with sheers at the front and a lining curtain at the back. Double tracking provides flexibility and ease of operating each curtain depending on your needs. Follow our simple how-to guide for full instructions on installing a double track.

Are sheer curtains in style?
Absolutely! Sheers have been around for a very long time and have developed over the years from lace and netting, to a range of styles and materials to suit all kinds of décor. You will often see sheers used to add a touch of elegance but they can also make a room look more modern. Take a look at how we style some of our most popular sheers.

Create a trendy, effortless look for your home with Atlanta, a beautiful linen look sheer available as a readymade and custom. We paired this with a white Roller Blind to brighten the room and draw the eye to the sheers. 
Get playful with our Breeze sheers in Blush. This gorgeous colour is great for naturalist and Scandinavian décor or simply to pair with other pinks in a room. Not only do these sheer curtains look gorgeous, but they also provide some sun protection and privacy for your little ones during the day.
Contemporary and classic, all in one. Our custom fabric Vision in the colour Platinum, has an array of well-blended tones that compliment your other furnishings while remaining a bold statement. 
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