What Window Furnishings are Right For My Tiny House and/or Small Spaces?

Tips for decorating small spaces

4 Mar 2021 By CurtainStudio

According to “Tiny houses have seen a huge rise in popularity over the last few years, not just because of their minimal footprint but because of their cost efficiency in a climate where house prices continue to rise and available land continues to decrease, particularly in and around urban centres.”

Decorating a tiny space can prove to be more difficult than a “normal” home with many different rooms.  Before you begin the process of choosing the right window furnishing for your tiny home, there are many things to consider. The most important thing is choosing a window furnishing that won’t overpower the space. In a “normal” sized house, there can be a unique theme to each room, however with a tiny home that often doesn’t have multiple rooms, it is important to choose window furnishings that complement one another. Here are some tips for decorating your small space with window furnishings.

-    Think about how many windows you have in your house, if you have a lot of windows, then blinds may work better as they take up less space and are more discreet. Having too many curtains in a small space can make it look and feel even smaller. Blinds are a non-obtrusive and highly effective alternative if you find that curtains won’t work in your tiny house. Roller Blinds can be a fantastic option for small homes as they work well in damp spaces (don't get mouldy) and tiny homes can be prone to condensation plus, their sleek profile means they maximize the amount of light let in when open. Roman Blinds are another great alternative and can be fabric matched to your curtain fabric. This will help create a cohesive space if you opt for a mix of curtains and blinds.

-         Make your curtains and window furnishings a focal point of the space. You may not have much space to decorate with or room to add in pops of colour and texture with furniture in your tiny home, so why not do this with your windows? Curtains and Roman blinds made from bold fabric colours and patterns can become the feature of a room. Forget feature walls, in your tiny home your windows are the feature.

-         If you decide on curtains for your tiny house, make sure to hang them as high as possible. The higher the curtain is hung on the wall, the taller and bigger it will make the space feel by drawing the eye upwards.

-         Keep things light. A trick to making a small space feel larger is by keeping the colours used in the space light and bright. Darker colours will make the space appear smaller and closed in which is not ideal in an already very small space.

-         Vertical stripes can help to make a space seem taller. Our Mykonos Sheers are ideal for this and are available custom made to fit your tiny home.

A great design tip for a tiny space is to use a curtain as a room divider. Many tiny homes are open-plan to maximize space and let you use every inch of it, yet sometimes you need to divide spaces to create privacy, and a curtain divider is here to help you. Just think, you can conceal off your bedroom or dressing room with a curtain divider rather than a permanent wall or door closing down the space.

Book a free measure and quote and one of our Design Consultants can come out and measure your space and advise on the best possible solution for your tiny home.

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