What type of lining do I need?

Lined Readymade Curtains

Custom Look – Affordable Price

The fabric lining layer provides soft draping and gives protection to the curtain fabric. Air is trapped between the lining and curtain providing excellent insulation qualities.

Thermal Lined Readymade Curtains

Keeps in the Heat – Reflects the Sun

A superior flock-coating is applied to the back of the curtain fabric which acts like a lining. This gives added insulation to the fabric which helps to reduce heat loss through windows during the winter and helps keep heat out during the summer.


Blockout Thermal Readymades

Blocks out more Light – Extra Insulation

Three layers of flocked coating are applied to the back of the curtain fabric. The extra layers have increased insulation benefits to help reduce heat loss in the winter and keep heat out during the summer. The centre layer is a hidden layer of black coating which gives excellent light blocking benefits. Ideal for bedrooms, TV and computer rooms where darkness is required.

Energy Saving Tips!

Make the most of your Thermal-Lined and Blockout Curtains:

  • Close curtains before sunset to retain the warmth in winter.
  • Close in summer to help reflect sunshine, keep rooms cool and reduce light.

Triple-Weave, Dim Out Readymades

Machine Washable – Exceptional Softness

A revolutionary new Triple-Weave fabric has three layers interwoven with a black yarn in the centre, creating a tonal self-lining with a room-darkening effect. It also creates fabric with exceptional softness and is machine washable.

Unlined Curtains

You choose your own lining

Now you can have a custom-style curtain in designer fabrics – and you can select your own attachable lining! Choose from our three attachable lining options - Microfibre, Thermal Blockout and Triple-Weave then simply hook onto your Curtain.

Alternatively you can hang as unlined curtains in front of a Blind or with a Sheer behind.

Click here to view our selection of linings available.

Sheer Curtains

Add daytime privacy

With simple-to-hang Readymade Sheers your options are endless.

Hang on their own for daytime privacy or hang on a double track with a lining behind for night time privacy.

Alternatively, attach a lining and you now have soft, floaty curtains.

Sheers can also be used as a feature curtain with a blind.

All sheers have an adjustable pencil-pleat heading.

Sheer Cafe Curtains


Ideal for daytime privacy in bathrooms, kitchens and laundries.